Eino Rauhala

Young guy who does many things including:
I don’t know im not an expert on myself

Not including:
Actively updating this website

What do i do?

I’m a 2007 born boy with some nice hobbies.
Here’s some of them:


I do Sampling and other types of music, and it's still a hobby and has been since 2016 (I would like to change that when I am an adult). I also go to a band- / music school.


I take photos with my Nokia 7.1, sometimes turn them into something (compilations for this site, animations). I mostly take photos of the lake near me, sunsets/sunrises and other cool things in nature.

Other things that I like to do

Art (drawing with Procreate and going to art school), Audio reactive things are also fun :), Helping friends and family with IT things, Following tech news and watching YouTube, Coding with Scratch and Hopscotch, Animation, 3D with blender and playing around with A.I.